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Buddy (that’s me!) Goes Muskrat Hunting

Photography: Eliciting Introspection

Photographer: one that translates their unique view of a small or large part of the living experience through the lens.  Sometimes it’s profound (Sontag’s photo of the little girl in Hiroshima); sometimes less so (featured photo in this article), but still interesting or meaningful in some way.  That’s the great thing about photography.  It’s a visual journal that, if presented effectually, touches human emotion in some kind of way, even if it’s a thought such as this, “I like this photo… I don’t know why…”, leading to an introspective moment, a thinking moment, about self, present surroundings, maybe past memories, or the world and the going-ons in it.  Such as it is about this featured photo.  Every time it comes into sight I think, “I should delete that.”  But I can never bring myself to do it.  I liked it and didn’t know why.  So today I sat down and gave it some thought.  I looked at it for awhile.  Now I know.  It’s a strong representation of an area I never liked much, and certainly never considered to be visually appealing, but now holds a meaningful place in my heart.  Also, I like the simplicity and overall makeup of it.  The area in this photo is just how it looks… big open spaces of blue sky, desert, and rock.  Having read the history of the Colombia Basin and its origins, I have a greater appreciation for it.  It’s beautiful in its own right, and that’s what a little bit of time considering this photo has elicited from me.

Buddy (that’s me) Goes to the Soap Lake, WA Boat Races, 2015

Hey, guys.  So a couple summers ago I went to the boat races with Greg and my mama, “Ol’ 99”.  I almost didn’t get to go ’cause it was so hot.  I heard them sayin’ words like, “stay home” and “too hot”, so I wagged my tail real hard and acted like I was goin’ anyway, and it worked!  I got to go, and DANG, was it ever a good time!  Greg and “Ol,99” spent the day wadin’ in and out of the water with me, takin’ photos of those boats speedin’ around in circles.  Cool water never felt soooooo good than on that hot summer day, but did it ever taste BAD! I kept trying’ to drink it and it kept tasting like soap every time.  So we all had to drink water out of the gallon jug.  When we’d had enough of wadin’ in that soapy water, we’d lounge in the soft grass and soak up some of that hot summer sun.  Wow- what a great day that turned out to be.  I sure like bein’ a dog.

Visiting Lake Chelan and Her Mountain Range After Fires of 2015



Morning After

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We spent several chilly hours on a county hilltop taking photos of the solar eclipse paired with a blood moon in April, 2015.  We captured many photos of the phases of the eclipse, and the featured photo was the very last.  It was probably around 4:00 a.m and the coloring you see is true to the moment.  Part of my passion for photography is, not only capturing a singular moment in time, but in recalling the experiences that came with it.  When I see this photo, I’m instantly back on that hilltop philosophizing ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and everything in-between… wearing wool gloves without the fingertips, teeth chattering, jumping in and out of the truck between shots to stay warm, and sharing time and laughs with my best friend.

Crescent Bar, WA

This photo was taken while the Columbia river was very low because of a lower dam issue.  Further down the river is the fabulous Gorge… famous for it’s summer concerts and, now, for it’s new winery and resort.  This particular area is a landmark for me.  It’s where I learned to water ski, fish, and held one of my first jobs.  It’s special to my family, as my grandmother painted this exact viewpoint in watercolor and donated it to the local library, called, “After The Storm“.