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Good Morning, Lil’ Mourning Dove

These elegant birds are like rural pigeons, but I’m still quite fond of them. Spring is just around the corner, and, if you’ve ever seen Bambi, you know that all the critters come out “twitterpated“, especially the birds.  It’s a time when, every morning, we get to listen to the doves whoo-whoo-ing, watching them do their airial mating dances, loudly flapping their wings as they ascend straight up, then gliding around in a circle to land.  After a few of these dances have taken place, we see two lil’ doves perched side by side.

Entiat Bluebird

We happened upon a large flock of bluebirds at one of our favorite destinations for hikes and camping up around the Entiat, Washington area.  Trying to snap just one photo was difficult, as they are so elusive, quickly flying away the millisecond they see your finger move towards the shutter button.  We’re hoping to find these little birds at the same location this year for another shoot… the intensity of their blue feathers is astonishing!

Late For Dinner


Took this photo in our backyard.  The robins spend a lot of time perched on our fence and cooling off in the garden water during the summer, but they really come for the variety of fruits we grow.  Still not sure what this encounter was all about, but this little robin sat on the fence looking at us like that for at least twenty minutes… must have been a cousin of Michael Smith’s, The Mad Bluebird.