Everybody Knows Buddy

 Hi guys!  My name is “Buddy”,”BuddyBestDogEver”, “HeyOl’BuddyBoy!”, “YouWannaGoWalkin’?”, and “We’llGoInThatTruckIfYouWantToOl’Boy!”  See?  This is me goin’ in that truck!  buddygetstocomeBut you don’t have to call me anything.  I answer to the call of food, even just the sound of a food wrapper.  I’m just an’ old dog tryin’ to keep up with Greg and my mama, “Ol’ 99”.  They’re my pack and we go everywhere together.  Wherever we go, they’re looking around, saying, “Look at this!” and “Look at that!”  I can’t understand why they spend so much time lookin’ when there’s so much smellin’ to do!  Can’t they smell all the critters out there?  They could get away!  After so much time out-n-about with my pack, I’ve decided their noses don’t work.  They don’t need to worry, though, I’ve got’em covered.img_7592  Well, I’ve got lots of stories to tell and I’m real excited to tell’em, so thanks for comin’ to my site, and keep your eyes open for more of my posts on Buddy’s Blog!


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