About High Aspect Photgraphy

Ah… there he is… as elusive as the mountain bluebird!

Buddy and Greg at Lake Roosevelt

Welcome to High Aspect Photography, a trio made up of BuddyBestDogEver, Greg, and myself.  Buddy is our furry companion that goes everywhere we go, but seems to have a lot of his own adventures on the side, he’s even got his own blog!  Greg is an adventurer who follows his feet to the best remote places for views unavailable by pavement or concrete.  He’s got the best inner compass on the planet, and his perspective always turns out great photos.  I’m the one clicking away, saying, “Just one more… just one more!”  Together we share a passion for music, photography, the great outdoors, and adventure.  We’re excited to share part of it with you, and if you like what you see (all photos are authentically ours), please let us know with a click of your “like” button and a comment.  Thanks for coming!

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