Photography: Eliciting Introspection

Photographer: one that translates their unique view of a small or large part of the living experience through the lens.  Sometimes it’s profound (Sontag’s photo of the little girl in Hiroshima); sometimes less so (featured photo in this article), but still interesting or meaningful in some way.  That’s the great thing about photography.  It’s a visual journal that, if presented effectually, touches human emotion in some kind of way, even if it’s a thought such as this, “I like this photo… I don’t know why…”, leading to an introspective moment, a thinking moment, about self, present surroundings, maybe past memories, or the world and the going-ons in it.  Such as it is about this featured photo.  Every time it comes into sight I think, “I should delete that.”  But I can never bring myself to do it.  I liked it and didn’t know why.  So today I sat down and gave it some thought.  I looked at it for awhile.  Now I know.  It’s a strong representation of an area I never liked much, and certainly never considered to be visually appealing, but now holds a meaningful place in my heart.  Also, I like the simplicity and overall makeup of it.  The area in this photo is just how it looks… big open spaces of blue sky, desert, and rock.  Having read the history of the Colombia Basin and its origins, I have a greater appreciation for it.  It’s beautiful in its own right, and that’s what a little bit of time considering this photo has elicited from me.

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